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River Fishing

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Loch Fishing

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Small Stillwater Fishing


Location, location, location is one of the most important part of any day and we can take you to some of the best. In Scotland there are enough lochs and rivers to fish a different one every day of the year. We have access to private estates, hill lochs and river beats so whatever the type of fishing you would like to try we can accommodate you. 

The Scottish weather can make fishing very interesting at times, with four seasons in one day not unusual. Rising river levels or hot sunny days are out of our control but we have enough experience to get the best out of your trip. We keep an eye on the conditions so we can always advise on the best techniques to use.

Scottish seasons play a big part in the type of fish you can expect to catch and where the best places are to go. So, if it's winter Grayling on crystal clear rivers or spring wild trout on unexplored hill lochs, we will organize a day that will meet all your expectations.

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