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Rainbow Trout

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Rainbow Trout fishing in Scotland has to be some of the best in the world. There are enough lochs to fish a different one every day of the year. The scenery is so atmospheric and unique that it all make the perfect way to sit back, relax and leave the modern world behind.


Matching the hatch can be daunting to a new fly fisher but with over 30 years experience I can advise the correct fly and techniques to put a bend in the rod. The most important part of fly fishing is to enjoy the day so whether it is dry flies, lure fishing or traditional wet flies, I have the knowledge to show you how to get the best from your day. If you want to learn a certain technique, fishing can be from boat or bank the choice is yours. Each have their benefits but it can really depend on the day and the whether.


All Trips will include everything you need for a great days fishing. However, all trips are unique and we can customize every aspect of your day from travel to food. We have listed what most people would require for their day but if you would like to change any aspect get in touch. We build the day around you!

Whats Included


Fishing Guide

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Fishing Equipment



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