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Custom made flies by Jonathan James ( JJ )

All these boxes are available to buy and are in stock for immediate despatch, UK and International postage available.

(New Boxes added every month)

Nymph Box Limited Edition

photo 16-08-2023, 20 06 50.jpg

My Custom made nymph selection, all tied on Size 8 Fulling Mill barbless hooks. Tried and tested these patterns have caught me countless fish over the years. 9 Patterns, 3 of each fish them on the point or dropper and wait for that pull! Can be fished slow or fast just remember to use a good tippet the takes can be savage.

Lure Box Limited Edition

photo 28-08-2023, 17 48 53.jpg

My Custom made lure selection, All tied on Fulling Mill barbless hooks.

Tungsten beads give them that erratic movement in the water which Trout love. 6 patterns, 5 of each these really are my go to fly when I'm looking for that big fish or a simply need to get a bite!

Beaded Nymph Box Limited Edition

photo 29-08-2023, 17 39 01.jpg

Tungsten Beaded Nymphs all tied on Size 8 Barbless Fulling Mill hooks, these patterns are all heavy and are  designed to be fished on the point fly and drawn back slowly so they sink down to the depths. Try these and you will always have one on your cast they are deadly! This box contains 30 flies, 5 of each pattern. 

River Box Limited Edition

photo 18-09-2023, 18 16 55.jpg

A great selection of 70 tungsten beaded flies. Various sizes to suit a range of applications. About half of these are on jig hooks for when you are needing to get that fly right on the bottom without catching the rocks. 10 different patterns all have caught me loads of fish especially the hot heads in the early part of the Grayling season. 

Czech Nymph Box Limited Edition

Czech Nymph.jpg

These are something special! All double tungsten beaded to get you flies down fast in the deepest pools. Always use these flies on the point with one or two droppers. Tied on Fullingmill size 8 hooks these have accounted for some big Grayling over the years and a must if your fishing early season in the floods. 

Nymph Box 2 Limited Edition

photo 19-09-2023, 17 44 37.jpg

This box has all my go to patterns when thing are getting a bit difficult, diawl bachs, pheasant tail nymph and beaded nymphs that I would never leave home without them. The box contains 30 flies all tied on Fulling mill hooks (5 different patterns). The diawl bachs in this box are tied on a size 8 wide gape barbless hook slightly larger than normal but believe me they work when all else fails. 

River Box 2 Limited Edition

River Box 2.jpg

This box contains 60 flies of 10 different patterns. The small czech nymphs look amazing in fast flowing water and the tungsten beaded nymphs will get any dropper down fast to the bottom. All tied on Fulling mill hooks. This box is a must for the serious Grayling fisher. 

Nymph Box 3 Limited Edition

Nymph Box 3 Limited Edition.jpg

Another great nymph box which is designed to get down deep fast. 30 flies in total including 6 great patterns. Fish these czech style or on a strike indicator! Either way cast them up stream and let them get down to the bottom where the fish can find them. All tied on Fulling Mill hooks. 

Limited Fly Boxes Gallery

All the fly boxes above are available to buy and I can tie custom boxes just get in touch with your thoughts.

Cheers Jonathan

River Box 2
Nymph Box 3 Limited Edition
Nymph Box
Lure Box
Beaded Nymph Box
River Box
Czech Nymph Box
Czech Nymph Box 2
Czech Nymph Box 3
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