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Grayling Fishing

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Wild Scottish Grayling are one of the hidden gems that many anglers are desperate to catch. Their ability to disappear in the clearest of shallow rivers make them a real challenge. There are many techniques that can be effective but the real skill is when to use them, understanding and reading the water in front of you to ultimately give you success. There is nothing like connecting with a big Grayling in fast running water, an addiction I have loved for more than 30 years.

Grayling can be caught throughout the year but many anglers think of them as a autumnal or winter fish. It has to be said that Czech nymphing for Grayling in winter is only for the very keen angler as standing in freezing cold water to your chest all day can take a lot of stamina, but when a fish is hooked it is well worth it. Grayling fishing is a passion of mine and I will show you the techniques and flies you need to make your day a memorable one. Indicator fishing, Czech nymphing or French leader, they all have their pros and cons. I have experience using all of them so if there is a certain style you wish to learn we can concentrate on that.

Many of the best spots are in remote locations, It is not unusual to walk 30 minutes over rough terrain to reach them. Not many anglers will search them out but this only adds to the satisfaction when you land that special fish.


All Trips will include everything you need for a great days fishing. However, all trips are unique and we can customize every aspect of your day from travel to food. We have listed what most people would require for their day but if you would like to change any aspect get in touch. We build the day around you!

Whats Included


Fishing Guide

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Fishing Equipment



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