Absolutely stunning day clear blue skies and just a slight ripple. Carron Valley has a huge population of wild brown trout and I couldn't wait to get out onto the water. I was thinking its gonna be difficult conditions with not a cloud in the sky but what a day it turned out to be.

After a quick chat with Jimmy the owner who gave me the heads up on fly selection and locations around the loch I started fishing diawl bachs on a floating line. But realised quickly the fish were holding about 3 - 4ft deep. So changed to a little bit of a special fly which had a tungsten bead to keep it in that zone for longer and the fish just kept coming. 10 to the net and probably more lost a fantastic day. This venue is big and can be a bit daunting for a new angler but I decided to have an hour at each spot and see what happened a good tactic when learning new venues.

I'm hopefully going to spending a lot more time at Carron Valley they have excellent boats and facilities not to mention the scenery is some of the best in Scotland so if you fancy a trip please get in touch.

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Bright blue skies, but very cold north wind ! Challenging conditions but with a bit of luck and a lot of walking I managed to find a few beauties.

All these fish were taken on a Hardy Sirrus Glass Rod ( 7 ft 3/4 weight ) and absolute beautiful rod as light as a feather. So believe me when these fish were hooked it bent double and was amazing fun. Hopefully as the weather improves we can start to get some of these fish on the dries.

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Heading 2

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