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Amazing Day at Loch Leven - Scotland

As always when you know your visiting Loch Leven for the day the anticipation is massive and you don't sleep the night before. Me and a friend Dave were after Pike and had a few spots we wanted to try out. And lets just say we had a good day!!

After a slow start we caught a Pike of about 10lb so we were both very happy. Then after a couple of throws with the Pike fly I hit into something a bit special a Brown Trout that was estimated at well over 6lb !!!! After a few snaps and a well earned cup of tea to settle us both down Dave caught another Pike in the region of 15lb !!!

And then an absolute monster gave me an amazing fight and we had a 20lb Pike in the net ! This has to be one of the best days fishing ever and to share the memory with a good friend made it even better.

For information on Guided Trout and Pike fishing on Loch Leven get in touch.


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