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Crazy Session - 4 Species all on Fly!

What an amazing day and only me on the whole Loch ! Started the day early 5am! and within a few minutes was in to my first Perch. Decided to fish for these for a few hours and ended up with about 20 in the net! Amazing fun and such vibrant colours. All returned to grow bigger!

Headed up to the weed bed to see if I could get a Pike on the fly and had a few small ones and then one about 6-7lb smashed the fly and went mad jumping and going on huge runs. It really did fight way beyond its size. Then I noticed a few fish rising close to a tree line and quickly had 3 lovely brown trout! Continued to follow the fish all day and had some lovely Rainbow trout as well. Some of the best pics below can't wait to get back!

For more information on all inclusive guided fishing trip please get in touch.


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