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Guided Trips - What a week!!!!

Probably one of the most enjoyable and exciting weeks I have had for a while. Started off with Sven and Victor from Germany. They had never fished before and were interested in doing a bit of Pike fishing. The day was great with plenty of laughs and some good Pike to the net Including one just pushing the 10lb mark so Victor was very happy. Then David out with me on Loch Leven again wanted to catch a monster and lets just say from the photo below he did!!! And the Moray always wanted to catch a 3lb plus Grayling and these fish are illusive and hard to catch but he hit the jackpot ! And all in the space of a week !

David with his Monster !!!!!

Victor with his first Pike ever !!!

Moray with a 3lb plus Grayling !

For information on Fishing Trips please get in touch.


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