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Autumn Fishing in Scotland.

Rain, rain and more rain was on the menu but that wasn't going to stop me and Mark from making the most of his 3 day trip to Scotland.

Everything was all arranged, tackle sorted, venues booked. We just needed a little bit of luck! Loch Leven, Portmore Loch and Lake of Mentieth were the venues and we couldn't wait to get started. Mark fished from first light till sunset everyday and was rewarded with some magnificent fish including a very large out of season Brown Trout which was very carefully returned asap.

Mark with magnificent Scottish Pike !!!

This Wild Loch Leven Trout was very special and carefully returned asap.

Fantastic Trip and it just shows you don't let the weather put you off as the fish don't seem to mind!

For information on Fishing Trips please get in touch.


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