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3 Day Fishing Adventure!

The plan - very simple take 12 guys visiting from America trout fishing over 3 days and to catch their first Scottish Wild Brown Trout!

The venue was Carron Valley Fishery which is run by Jimmy Feenie as a members only venue of which I have been a proud member of since it started to be an exclusive wild brown trout fishery. It has to be one of the most beautiful, scenic venues in Scotland and the amount of time and effort Jimmy puts in behind the scenes makes sure when you visit your going to have a great time.

Fishing as usual was going to be dictated by the wind and the drift ! But the fishing was amazing with everyone landing fish and losing just as many.

The top flies were Diawl back's, Daddy long legs and large busy dabblers pulled fast, the takes as usual were quick and savage. It always amazes me how fast and hard these fish take and sometimes you miss them!

Simply stunning marking on all of the fish and as you can see so varied in colouration and spots depending on which part of the lake they live and the food they have been eating. If your interested in wild Brown Trout this is the place to cast a line.

So many cool pictures. A massive thanks to Jonathan Lindsey at the Red Lion in Doune Scotland for his help in putting this trip together and for the best smoked brisket I have ever tasted. Enjoy all the photos below and if you fancy going on a trip please get in touch all my trips include everything you will need for a fantastic day on the water and I can suit the day / times to suit your holiday.

Get in touch for all information.

A real bar of Carron Gold for James.


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